Friday, August 28, 2009

Damn thieves!

Wednesday, my wallet was stolen from the office at work. I am still so angry about it and I am hoping that writing will ease these vibrations. I work in a nice little independently owned retail store that sells women's clothes. We have a reputation for being a very friendly and welcoming store. We all love to help our customers find what they are looking for. There are only three of us on a regular basis so most of the customers know us by name. It's kind of a Mayberry thing. Well, Wednesday two women came in the store. One was pregnant, or appeared to be, and the other appeared to be her Mom. The pregnant girl asked about a purse and if it could work as a diaper bag. This pushed a button in me that said "she can't afford a diaper bag so be nice". So we talked about the bag and when the baby was due, "any day" she said. She and her "Mom" started looking at the clothes moving to the back of the store. I had other work to take care of so I left them alone. She asked to try on a shirt that she could wear "now and after the baby is born".Then she asked to use the bathroom. Naturally, I said sure...she was pregnant, never refuse a bathroom to a pregnant woman! I know now that they were casing the store. I'm sure that by then they saw that I had left my purse on the floor of the office and that the door was open. My wallet was just waiting for them to snatch it! I'm guessing that that "baby" was just a nice little hollow for stolen my wallet! Anyway, she decided to get the shirt, but when she opened her purse she realized that she didn't have enough cash...and this is just a wierd feeling...but I think the cash she counted out was MINE! So she said she would go to the ATM and be back. Well, she never returned. But they did go to Target and a few other places and charged about $800 on my bank card. My card, by the way, says "See ID" on the back so that noone can use it but me ...NOT TRUE! I am a blondish middle aged white woman...they aren't. So not only am I angry at them, but I am angry at the idiots who accepted the card! But even more, I am angry that these women think it's OK to just take my stuff and use my credit. Because of them, we are going to have to keep checking our credit report to make sure that they haven't opened other credit cards in my name. NIGHTMARE! The worst part of this is that my heart has changed. I am finding myself way less trusting and much more suspicious and prejudiced. I HATE that I feel this way!! All my life I have believed that there is always some good in everyone. I know that sounds sappy, but it's how I was raised. Occasionally I have realized that some people have very, very little good in them, but I still believed that there was some. Now I'm doubting everyone.Watching everyone, everywhere. I suppose this will pass but right now I feel as though something is rotting in my stomach.