Thursday, March 26, 2009

just a prayer

She's only 27 and she is a victim of adrenal cancer. My prayer is that she will beat this terrible demon. The world needs her presence. She has a light in her soul that can put a spark in the dreariest day or the most somber creature. I pray that God will see what I see and grant her the miracle that she deserves. The world around her needs her smile, her laugh, her heart, her being. The world needs Nora. Please God, let her stay with us.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sharing a Grandmother's treat

Yesterday I was out with one of my grandchildren and I just have to share this with anyone who is out there. We were driving and his mom said he liked doing the Old McDonald song and started singing it. When she got to the "on his farm he had a..." she stopped and Tom filled in with "keys", or "Grammo" or Mama" or "sauce". Part of the fun was his mom trying to come up with the sounds of "sauce" or "keys", but also just hearing his choices! He's about 18 months and of course to us he is brilliant. It sure was fun!
I should really start recording all the things that my grandchildren say because there have been some priceless things from their amazing little brains! Jack said the other day, after falling and hurting his hand a little, "Aw, now I have to go to the HAND doctor!". He's been going to an eye doctor and recently got glasses, so doctors are a new world to him. He is
2 1/2-ish. I wish I could remember what he told his dad about not wanting to take his new glasses off when he went to bed. I think it was about seeing his dreams, but I could be making that up!
Maybe I'll post more as they happen.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


How exciting! My sister-in-law is a dietician who wrote a cook book called "Well Fed, birth to three" just sent me my copy. It's really more of a guide book/cook book with recipes as well as advice on encouraging healthy eating habits, ways to entice picky eaters,tips on food shopping, food safety and more. It's really a very neat book. What's the exciting part?
I illustrated it! It will be available through Amazon in the summer, but it can be found on search for Well Fed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

How tired am I?

...SO tired!!! I just spent 11 hours on my feet in a women's boutique filled with bargains and bargain hunters! Thank God my boss believes in wine after matter what! Yup, if you shop in our store after 5 any night you are likely to be offered a glass of wine...granted it will be cheap wine, but it is tasty and it is wine! Tomorrow, the same but hopefully a shorter day and then again Sunday but definitely shorter (please!!!)

...and so to bed now....

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'd just like to go through one whole day without any negativity. I'd really like one filled with only positive energy.