Friday, December 10, 2010

Feeling a little melancholy tonight

Every now and then stuff just piles too high I guess. It's kinda high tonight so I'm feeling a bit not happy. I'm hoping that writing about it will brighten the mood. The music feature being played on the radio as I drove home tonight didn't help. Actually it pretty much trashed any good mood that was trying to peek out. It was all 1969 music. That was probably the worst year of my life and so many bad memories crept into the music. As I write this I am trying to bring happier memories around me. I'm sure eventually, my mood will improve. Just posting this photo of me and my Mom helps. We all have some crappy stuff in our lives to deal with so I will do the same. I will deal with it...again. I must remember that I am so fortunate that my life took a wonderful turn and I have been blessed with a great husband, incredible children and the freedom to be me.
Dwelling on the past only destroys my present and future.
I'll try to remember this.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010