Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Lately I have been trying to reconnect with people that I have lost touch with. Thanks to all this "modern technology" I have been able to find several friends from high school and a couple from college days. Kind of a nice experience, but also sort of a kick in the butt. Makes me wonder why I lost touch and makes me angry that I let other "stuff" get in the way of friendships. Time to remember the important things in life. We don't have that long here, so we need to pay attention!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Forgot this one

Maybe one of the reasons my post are such a mess is that it's so late at night!
This one is called, "She Holds Up Her Part of the Sky"

Just don't get this

What I mean is, I don't get this blog spot publishing nonsense. I keep trying to layout my blogs so that they make sense with any photos that I have and it's never what I expect. I choose a layout but I don't think we are speakinfg the same language!

So the previous or latest post was supposed to have text running along the left with pix on the right. Didn't happen. I'm giving up on making it look good. I'm just putting it on the screen...

Here's some of my new work...somewhere on this page I hope!

I did four new "ballerina" paintings for the Box and 2 new encaustics. One was for Womanmade Gallery in Chicago and the other is in the Box. The Box one has the red circles. I'm not crazy about the ballerinas, but I really like the encaustics. The one for Womanmade Gallery is a piece of bark attached to a large piece of rusted metal. I may have posted this one before, but if so, it's quite different now. Also had some fun doing pastel on vellum. They are the little tiny ones in mats.

Catching up and breathing hard!

Seems like I have been running non-stop for the last several weeks! See, this time of year is when I get together with 4 other artists and we find a place to rent for a month to show our work and the work of other local artists. This year we have over 30 artists in what we call, "Out of the Box". It is finally all set up and will open Friday. Here are a few photos of the Box...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Very late night Haiku...sort of

So it's very late at night, and I can't sleep, so why not haiku?
I'm intrigued by this form of poetry. Maybe because of the challenge of the 5-7-5 syllable thing, or maybe it's the Asian seduction factor. At any rate, I've been exploring.
The similarity of thick cigar smoke and memories has been nagging at me so that's what a few of these speak to, and then there are the others.
The thing is, are any of these even passable? Since it is so late at night, my opinion is pretty skewed or should I say screwey! Wish I had a painting or a photo that would connect with any or all of these. Maybe another late night!

gentle memories
fill the air like cigar smoke
thick with my regrets

Forced reminiscence
fills me, choking memories
Thick as cigar smoke

Tender memories
Fill my heart like spring blossoms
distracting reason

Tender memories
Dance in my heart to music
heard lifetimes ago

forced reminiscence
the air thick as cigar smoke
choking memories

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lake mist

Whispering at dawn

calling me close to the shore

memories or ghosts

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fresh from the easel

Finished her the other day.

"Ballerina at Rest"

11"x14" acrylic

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nothing much

Just a quick post with my latest encaustic. It's called "The Other Side". The door opens and there it it is. The photos aren't very clear though. Gotta work on that. I haven't done much lately. I'm trying to get in the studio more though. Yesterday I finished a rather nice acrylic, but I don't have a pix of it yet. My hope is that I will get a good shot of it tomorrow and will be able to post it the next day. Won't be tomorrow because I will be working until at least 10 pm. It's the night before the Arts Fest and several of the merchants on the block, including us, will be hosting artits' receptions and will be open late. I'll have a few of my pieces in the store along with a fabric artist. So here's the new encaustic, then off to bed for me!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Garden from the heart

This is a garden that was installed by my cousin's wife, my cousin and my aunt in honor of my neice Nora. They spent many, many hours this summer clearing out the space for the garden. Many of the shots that I have posted are of logs and pieces from the years of abandoned earth behind the pump house where our family has spent over 100 years of summers. It is, of course, much better in person but I wanted to share the beauty and the love with anyone who is looking. This is Nora's Garden from people who love her.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

7 things

OK's only 7 things so I think I can come up with them!

No other people required to make these 7 things pleasant:

1. Painting,(whether acrylic or encaustic), and/or drawing (from life or imagination) ( I know I could have made this into 2 things but I felt like that would be cheating)
2. Reading a good book with a good cup of coffee early in the morning
3. Trying to write poetry...and it is always best done alone to avoid the laughter.
4. Watching the sunset over Fish Lake
5. Shopping...for anything.
6. Going to the Art Institute
7. Listening to music either on or my Ipod

...and 8. reading my few favorite blogs.

Note to self

What a lovely weekend!

5 girlfriends joined me at our little place in Wisconsin for our September bookclub meeting.There is nothing better that spending time with really good friends, talking about a good book (and lots of other trivial things) at a beautiful peaceful place during a perfect fall weekend. This will be an annual event!

Once they girls left, I decided that I have abandoned my art for too long. Time to get serious again. I did some small drawings and sketches the next day and a small assemblage for the new garden, but not enough! I need to take the small drawings and do something with them or do more. Maybe do a painting/drawing-a-day again.

It doesn't just takes work...and it is in the working that the joy lives.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Back in the studio...thank you God!

Just have to say that it is so lovely to have several days off at a time! It gives me time to get serious in the studio. This is Sunday night and I have been enjoying the wax since Saturday morning and will be back in there tomorrow morning. Wish I could be in the studio on a full time basis!

So this is a work in progress. It is an encaustic (that's the wax) work done on a piece of tree bark attached to a piece of rusted metal.The first picture is an overhead shot (but not a very good one!) showing the bark and the metal. Good luck figuring this out! If I ever submit this one, I'll have to have some really good pix of it! The tree bark is about 15'x12' and is curved on the left side, almost folded over (can you make it out in the first pic?). It is attached to a larger piece of rusted metal which is also slightly curved and has some wonderful chips and cracks that I hope to incorporate somehow. Dunno how yet! There is something about the juxtaposition of these pieces that appeals to me. It's tough to see what going on here, and I have to say that it needs a lot of work yet. It is way too busy. It really helps me to see it in this impersonal, distant way. Gotta say that I'm liking the "road" that is encircling the chaos. We'll see waht tomorrow brings.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Damn thieves!

Wednesday, my wallet was stolen from the office at work. I am still so angry about it and I am hoping that writing will ease these vibrations. I work in a nice little independently owned retail store that sells women's clothes. We have a reputation for being a very friendly and welcoming store. We all love to help our customers find what they are looking for. There are only three of us on a regular basis so most of the customers know us by name. It's kind of a Mayberry thing. Well, Wednesday two women came in the store. One was pregnant, or appeared to be, and the other appeared to be her Mom. The pregnant girl asked about a purse and if it could work as a diaper bag. This pushed a button in me that said "she can't afford a diaper bag so be nice". So we talked about the bag and when the baby was due, "any day" she said. She and her "Mom" started looking at the clothes moving to the back of the store. I had other work to take care of so I left them alone. She asked to try on a shirt that she could wear "now and after the baby is born".Then she asked to use the bathroom. Naturally, I said sure...she was pregnant, never refuse a bathroom to a pregnant woman! I know now that they were casing the store. I'm sure that by then they saw that I had left my purse on the floor of the office and that the door was open. My wallet was just waiting for them to snatch it! I'm guessing that that "baby" was just a nice little hollow for stolen my wallet! Anyway, she decided to get the shirt, but when she opened her purse she realized that she didn't have enough cash...and this is just a wierd feeling...but I think the cash she counted out was MINE! So she said she would go to the ATM and be back. Well, she never returned. But they did go to Target and a few other places and charged about $800 on my bank card. My card, by the way, says "See ID" on the back so that noone can use it but me ...NOT TRUE! I am a blondish middle aged white woman...they aren't. So not only am I angry at them, but I am angry at the idiots who accepted the card! But even more, I am angry that these women think it's OK to just take my stuff and use my credit. Because of them, we are going to have to keep checking our credit report to make sure that they haven't opened other credit cards in my name. NIGHTMARE! The worst part of this is that my heart has changed. I am finding myself way less trusting and much more suspicious and prejudiced. I HATE that I feel this way!! All my life I have believed that there is always some good in everyone. I know that sounds sappy, but it's how I was raised. Occasionally I have realized that some people have very, very little good in them, but I still believed that there was some. Now I'm doubting everyone.Watching everyone, everywhere. I suppose this will pass but right now I feel as though something is rotting in my stomach.

Friday, July 31, 2009


I took this series of pictures of my 3 year old grandson as his Dad rowed us to the end of the lake and back. Yes, that is correct. He fell asleep!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A different kind of heaven

I spent several days last week at the lake with a couple of my children and their little ones. Those little ones being my grandchildren.

I recently wrote about my favorite place. This is where I spent at least two weeks every summer growing up and then brought my children to as often as possible. Seeing these little guys (and the big guys too!) experience my heaven was a delight!

There is something about this place that just surrounds you with joy and peace so that every day is a new adventure, even if you do the same thing as the day before.

My brother said of the place once that it is a place ,"...where you go to do nothing".

And so here is the nothing we did...

running on the beach


cooking on a wood fire

ice cream

sand castles

snacking at the beach

wearing great-gramma's hats

climbing...and climbing

serious conversations


...and nothing much.