Sunday, May 31, 2009

Poppies and breezes

What a beautiful day!
My poppies are starting to bloom...

They are so beautiful, vibrant...

and delicate.

Tonight just sat outside enjoying the soft breeze and some tunes from my i-pod.
Sometimes life is just so gentle.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sweet Nora

After a week with my family as we celebrated the life of my niece and mourned our loss, it is very difficult to return to the real world. How do you move on after such emotional excavation?
At times, the many tributes to this delightful young woman just ripped my heart to shreds and at other times made it swell with joy.
Still today, her death leaves me mixed with anger and relief. She suffered so and she needed relief but she had so much more to give us all. Such stupidity to take this child away. We are blessed to have had her as long as we did, but I wish I had been granted more time with her,time to see her share her talents and her grace, her joy of life. So, I will struggle again with death's choices.
Peace to you sweet Nora. I will miss you.

Monday, May 11, 2009


a song
the light through the trees
a sparkle on the lake

the breeze in summer

Not plain
but not fancy
just pure

A treasure
to hold In your hand
or put in your pocket
to enjoy again
and again

Forever in my heart

Sunday, May 10, 2009

peace and sorrow

Our sweet Nora died tonight at 9:30 encircled by her family. Her pain is over. We will miss her gentle spirit, her smile, and sparkling wit. The world will miss her talent and compassion.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

So tonight was the Chamber of Commerce dinner. I didn't go last year so I wasn't aware that it was a taste of all the local restaurants and an auction thing. Nice event. I always feel bad when an item doesn't get any bids, so, of course I feel like I have to bid on these items. Thank God, all but 2 of the 5 items I felt sorry for were bid on after me! I'm actually very happy about one of my "winnings" (don't you love it that they call it winning when you have the high bid?!) I got 4 tickets to the local theatre production of my choice with some kind of dinner gift certificate. It was really a good buy at $70!!! This theater has been nominated and has won the "Jeff" (the Chicago version of the Tony) several times. Their productions are excellent! They are doing "Tommy" right now and I have wanted to see that (again!) for ages so I think I'll get 3 girlfriends and go! The other one that I got...not so thrilled, but the donor won't feel bad and that's important. I'll find a place for the deer antler.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Small bits of happiness

Sometimes it's important to just stop . There are small bits that can get lost if we don't pay attention.
Things like:
marshmallows in chocolate milk, even if it's not hot chocolate
the soft smell of spring at night
the music of a little one's squeal of laughter
cheese curds
a hazy half moon
acoustic guitar music
bright yellow dandelions in a deep green lawn
dinner cooked on the grill
magnolia trees
and of course, peanut butter cups!