Thursday, November 26, 2009

Forgot this one

Maybe one of the reasons my post are such a mess is that it's so late at night!
This one is called, "She Holds Up Her Part of the Sky"

Just don't get this

What I mean is, I don't get this blog spot publishing nonsense. I keep trying to layout my blogs so that they make sense with any photos that I have and it's never what I expect. I choose a layout but I don't think we are speakinfg the same language!

So the previous or latest post was supposed to have text running along the left with pix on the right. Didn't happen. I'm giving up on making it look good. I'm just putting it on the screen...

Here's some of my new work...somewhere on this page I hope!

I did four new "ballerina" paintings for the Box and 2 new encaustics. One was for Womanmade Gallery in Chicago and the other is in the Box. The Box one has the red circles. I'm not crazy about the ballerinas, but I really like the encaustics. The one for Womanmade Gallery is a piece of bark attached to a large piece of rusted metal. I may have posted this one before, but if so, it's quite different now. Also had some fun doing pastel on vellum. They are the little tiny ones in mats.

Catching up and breathing hard!

Seems like I have been running non-stop for the last several weeks! See, this time of year is when I get together with 4 other artists and we find a place to rent for a month to show our work and the work of other local artists. This year we have over 30 artists in what we call, "Out of the Box". It is finally all set up and will open Friday. Here are a few photos of the Box...

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Very late night Haiku...sort of

So it's very late at night, and I can't sleep, so why not haiku?
I'm intrigued by this form of poetry. Maybe because of the challenge of the 5-7-5 syllable thing, or maybe it's the Asian seduction factor. At any rate, I've been exploring.
The similarity of thick cigar smoke and memories has been nagging at me so that's what a few of these speak to, and then there are the others.
The thing is, are any of these even passable? Since it is so late at night, my opinion is pretty skewed or should I say screwey! Wish I had a painting or a photo that would connect with any or all of these. Maybe another late night!

gentle memories
fill the air like cigar smoke
thick with my regrets

Forced reminiscence
fills me, choking memories
Thick as cigar smoke

Tender memories
Fill my heart like spring blossoms
distracting reason

Tender memories
Dance in my heart to music
heard lifetimes ago

forced reminiscence
the air thick as cigar smoke
choking memories