Friday, January 28, 2011

Like whispers within the breeze

returning to the blue life of youth

and warmed by autumn wisdom

her dream

carries her

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dropped this guy off tonight at a local gallery.

It's my "Peace Nest". The show is called " Toys, Trinkets, Accessories and Stuff".

I hesitated about putting it in the show because it isn't a "toy, trinket or accessory" but it does fit in the "stuff" category. So maybe someone will look at it and see my thoughts.

I put a couple of fun pieces in the show. One is called "Time Square" and it is a tiny (1.5" x1.5" piece) that is shades of pale blue encaustic folding in on a watch face that has no hands. Just silly, no intended message. Another is called "Time Out". It's a tiny bird's nest with a couple of broken eggs holding a watch face. Silly!

I also put in "Nora's Poppies". This is the tunnel book that I did for my niece Nora. I put this in the show because I could almost hear Nora telling me to.