Friday, February 25, 2011

Frogs from my past

Came across this is a piece I did the other day and hung it in my dining room. Then thought it would be fun to share, so I did...on Facebook. Only to find out that Sam Gross did a piece similar a few years before I did mine. BUMMER!!!!

Let me back-track a bit. The one in the oval is one I did that was in a show a few years ago. The theme was "The Deadly Sins" so mine was about eating frog's legs. I used a couple of old drawings that I did when I worked at the Trib in 1973/74. See, I had been at a party where frogs' legs had been served (really, they did taste like chicken!) so these little guys were on my mind. Maybe it was my Catholic guilt, maybe it was my twisted mind...dunno, but this is what came of it. So I had these drawings on my bulletin board (as all of us wierd artists did back then!) and one of the salesmen (in the ad dept) brought me the Sam Gross cartoon. I said, "He copied me!". I didn't know it at the time, but in fact his came first. BUMMER! If only I was working for the National Lampoon or the New Yorker!!! Ahhh, the money I could have made! His original is up for sale now for more than I could make in a year at the Trib...maybe even in a lifetime!

Then again, Sam Gross may have sued me!

HONEST...I didn't see his till after I did mine!!!

So my first drawing was the poor guy under the checkered blanket.

Then my mind went a little haywire and, well, I just wondered how these little froggies would get around.

Sorry I don't have the Sam Gross cartoon to share. I'm sure it can be Googled.


  1. I believe the Sam Gross cartoon was on the "That's not funny, that's sick!" issue of Nat Lamp.

  2. Uh-oh...what does that say about me? Should I think about getting psychiatric help?, not gonna happen.